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Why a 5% beer can make you TWICE as drunk as a 4%

We’ve all been there: In a bid to be sensible on a night out we’ve swapped spirits and wine for lower strength beers, only to wake up the next morning with a thumping head anyway.


It’s Time To Dial Back The Craft Beer Snobbery

Hear me out. I enjoy beer. I enjoy craft beer.


Why Gin Is Back With a Flourish

HAVE WE REACHED peak gin yet? Not so long ago, ordering a gin and tonic meant being served a rather bland but perfectly acceptable Gordon’s gin with a slice of lemon and a mainstream mixer.


$72 Beer Flavored Ice Cream

Three young men from Old Lyme, Connecticut are infusing ice cream with beer. And not any old beer – they use stouts, bocks, lagers, porters, lambics and ales.


Champagne cork forces easyJet plane to make emergency landing

One passenger said: “It wasn’t very funny at the time but I can see the lighter side now.


Health Benefits of Coffee vs Tea

With lectures, exams and hangovers to battle, it’s no secret that Miami students drink a lot of coffee and tea on a daily basis.


Crock Pot Cauliflower and Cheese

An easy and cheesy Cauliflower and Cheese recipe made in the crock pot.


Prince William and Harry banned from eating garlic

Former cook of the royals’ Carolyn Robb – who was employed as Executive Chef at Kensington Palace by their father, Prince Charles,


50 Cent and French Montana are dissing each other over Vodka

50 Cent and French Montana first exchanged shots publicly a few years back, with claims that French was a former cameraman for 50 and subsequent challenges about shared album release dates.


Motörhead frontman Lemmy has switched from whiskey to vodka

Lemmy, the grizzled perpetual badass who fronts metal icons Motörhead, has seen healthier days.

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