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The surprising way Tequila can give you perfect skin

True story: Tequila once served the much-needed purpose of a hair defrizzer when we desperately needed one. And now, if you’re feeling saucy, you can use tequila as an astringent, too.


Olivia Newton-John will sell no wine before its time

Superstar Olivia Newton-John’s ever-expanding career is getting even sweeter.


Vocation`s packaging is as daring as the beer it crafts

Craft beer is riding the crest of a wave, and as microbreweries gain in popularity, brand identities are getting more expressive and creative.


The definitive glossary of wine tasting terms

There’s a lot of ego in wine speak, both on the part of eager oenophiles who want to assert their expertise and occasional wine drinkers who keep mum for fear of saying the wrong thing. 


New Corkscrew app makes wine lists searchable and considers wine preferences

A new wine app called Corkscrew collects wine lists from restaurants, makes them searchable and,


Venezuela could run out of beer by next month

Venezuela could stop making beer by August, as local breweries run out of ingredients needed to produce the country’s most popular alcoholic drink.


Drunk squirrel causes rampage at UK club

A “drunk” squirrel has caused hundreds of pounds of damage at a private members’ club.


Thieves toast successful theft of wine worth almost £1.5m with champagne inside warehouse

Thieves stole almost £1.5 million worth of vintage wine in a daring heist on a warehouse that supplies the Queen, before opening champagne inside the building to toast their success.


Get your bacon on with these bacon fried mozzarella sticks

Sometimes you just need want to wrap everything in bacon, fry it up, plop down on the couch with Netfilx and call it a day..right?!….RIGHT!


Golfers get a taste of Justin Timberlake`s Tequila Cocktail

t the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament in Nevada, Justin Timberlake treated the golfers with the perfect summer drink, a lemonade cocktail with a mix of his Sauza 901 tequila.

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