Smoked Salmon Vodka – There’s Something Fishy About This Drink

Bakon Vodka is so last year. The coolest meat vodka among adventurous drinkers these days has a decidedly fishy taste. Enter Smoked Salmon Vodka, produced byAlaska Distillery. The distillery is no stranger to offbeat offerings: they also sell a “birch syrup” vodka and a “fireweed” vodka, which has a taste similar to honeysuckle. But the smoked salmon variety is by far their most notorious creation.

The Alaska Distillery has been open for about seven years now, and sources many of the ingredients from Alaska when it can. Smoked Salmon vodka includes grain from Delta Junction, potatoes from the Matanuska-Susitna valley, glacier ice from Prince William Sound, and salmon caught in the Gulf of Alaska.

Specifically created to be mixed into your Bloody Mary, we tasted this vodka neat first. After all, how often do you get a chance to sample a fish-based vodka?

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