5 Reasons why the counter seats at the bar are best

Listen, I love tables just as much as the next guy. They’re sturdy, dependable, they have four legs. They’re like horses, without the constant pooing.


Coffee Cocktails to REALLY Jumpstart Your Day

For as long as mankind has been waking up early, we’ve been drinking coffee.


This `drinkable book` could save thousands of lives around the world

Water purification systems have advanced a lot in recent years, and now one team of scientists and designers have come up with those most elegant and accessible way of implementing them yet: a drinkable book.


Would you drink elephant dung coffee?

In the lush, green hills of northern Thailand, a woman painstakingly picks coffee beans out of a pile of elephant dung, an essential part of making one the world’s most expensive beverages.


Vitamin Water: Perhaps One of the Most Toxic Health Drinks of the Century

Coca-Cola’s VitaminWater is being marketed as a healthy, hydrating drink.


Watch Rocker, John Coffey, Catches Beer From 200ft Away While Crowd Surfing

Crowd surfing is a traditional interaction technique from for a huge quantity of musicians, but some play it better than others.


People taste craft beer for the first time

Beer isn’t for everyone.


Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken Coconut Curry

Saucy coconut curry chicken with sweet red peppers, tender potatoes, and crunchy cashews make right in your crockpot! So easy and INSANELY delicious!


Is cheap wine hurting your health?

When choosing a red wine, vino that’s cheap (cough, boxed wine) is temptingly easy on the wallet, so we had experts weigh on what it means for your health.


The Queen celebrates her 89th birthday at popular London wine bar

Prince William, 32, and Kate, 33, left their children at home with the nanny to accompany the Queen at a wine bar to celebrate her 89th birthday.

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