Join the Ultra Mussels Wine Tournament in July!

The second Ultra Mussels Wine Tournament will be taking place on Saturday 25 July 2015 from midday until 4pm.


Ultralicious Red-Wine Milkshakes

How will the rich, hearty taste of red wine impact the smooth, sweet taste of ice cream?


Champagne and Strawberry Pancakes

Apart from the fact that champagne is delicious and decadent, the bubbles make for some fluffy, puffy, seriously perfect pancakes.


How long does a bottle of wine last once opened?

Have you ever been that fateful party-goer who opens another bottle at the end of a loonnnggg party night hoping to keep the good times a rollin’?


The Guide to Buying Cheap Rum

Rum is an emotional liquor. Not that it cries watching 90’s rom coms,


Bourbon and Banana Nut French Toast

You won’t believe your taste buds with this Bourbon Banana Nut Stuffed French Toast.


Bourbon Peaches and Cream Popsicles

Faster than you can say “cupcake fatigue,” gourmet popsicles have become the latest fully saturated food trend.


Use these sommelier tricks to double the quality of your wine

If you want to drink great wine, you have two choices.


How to politely pour yourself more wine at a wine party

You’re at a friend’s house for dinner, there’s an open bottle of wine on the table, and your glass is nearly empty.


Here`s how to serve wine to your guests

The trend of gifting wine bottles or serving wine at dos and get-togethers seems to be finally catching up. But how do you know which wine to serve? And how to serve it? Shamita Singha, a sommelier, shares some tips.

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