How to politely pour yourself more wine at a wine party

You’re at a friend’s house for dinner, there’s an open bottle of wine on the table, and your glass is nearly empty.


Here`s how to serve wine to your guests

The trend of gifting wine bottles or serving wine at dos and get-togethers seems to be finally catching up. But how do you know which wine to serve? And how to serve it? Shamita Singha, a sommelier, shares some tips.


Bourbon Blueberry Basil Donuts

These must be the most magnificent-looking donuts ever! The fact that they are laced with Bourbon is an added bonus.


Beat the heat with this classic Spanish Sangria recipe

Nothing says summer like pool parties, grilling, and pitchers of sangria, of course!


Wine experts tell us how to pick a right bottle

Here’s a shocker: Good wine is neither expensive, nor old.


Finding decent offerings at R40 or less

Most of us have a hard time in January. After the initial sharp intake of breath and sucking of teeth, economising becomes an instant New Year resolution. But cutting back does not mean cutting out – certainly as far as wine is concerned.


An All-Purpose Guide to Serving and Pouring Bubbly

Pour it up, people: Champagne should be an all-the-time drink. But it’s especially appropriate this time of year, as everyone bops from holiday party to holiday party.


The best foods and drinks to cure a hangover

You had a great time last night…and now you’re paying for it. While collegiate wisdom says to reach for greasy, fatty foods to “soak up” the alcohol, that large cheese pizza you ordered at 3 A.M.


Sexy Wine Facts That Will Make Your Date Fall for You

Uncorked and shared between two potential lovers, wine — particularly red wine, the colour of love — is a very sexy drink.


The fanciest Champagne cocktails to serve this festive season

Champagne cocktails are all the rage during the festive season!

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