Coca-Cola Re-enters The Booze Business With A Hard Seltzer

Coca-Cola is getting back into the booze business and unlike 40 years ago, this time the soda giant is playing to its strength.


Gordon Ramsey’s TV Show Pushes Sheep Dung Whiskey To Star Status

While working on a new series of his show Uncharted, Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey and his crew wound up in Tasmania in search of Tasmania’s finest fermented grain.


Turn Breakfast Into Dinner With This Savoury Spanish Jungle Oats Bowl

Oats are most commonly thought of a nutritious breakfast option, the perfect way to fuel your body for the day. While this is true, we’re here to let you know that Oats can be enjoyed in so many more ways – one of which is a delicious, savoury meal which is perfect for lunch or dinner.


The Stars Of Breaking Bad Launch Their Mezcal In UK Department Store

Breaking Bad actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have launched their Dos Hombres Mezcal in the UK.


How to Stock Your Own Home Bar

A bar at home might be the perfect project for anybody looking to spend some time on home improvements. It’s not too difficult to make – the essentials of it are a bar surface, a seating area, and some drinks – and the rest is up to you. You can take time designing your perfect bar, creating an atmosphere that’s just the way you like it, but the choices will seem endless. Here are some tips to help you cover the essentials if you feel overwhelmed by possibility. 


These Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses Will Turn You Into A Tequila Drinker

Forget salt rims when it comes to your next tequila. This set of Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses have a unique function.


The Gorgeous Gardens Of Global Wineries

Many wineries have gorgeous gardens. Some grow vegetables and herbs to use as produce, while others tend formal gardens that burst with peonies or pink roses. These six international standouts offer impressive grounds as well as an array of wines to sip amidst the flora.


Wine Perfectly Complements a Meal: How to Choose the Ideal Wine With Food?

Wine is one of the most widely used alcoholic beverages when it comes to combining with food. It’s used with a meal or as a side dish. Wine lovers also like to relax with a glass of black or white in the evening, while there are also those who consume it for health reasons.

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Caribbean Cooking With Angostura Rum And Aromatic Bitters

In Angostura’s home country of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), bitters and rums have been used in the kitchen prolifically for decades – in everything from starters to desserts, breads, soups, and marinades.


Creative Coffee Drinks To Try At Home

Trying or even creating new recipes in your kitchen can be so much fun. One thing to try is Monin Coffee Syrup because recipes aren’t just for food creations. Coffee creations are loved by many. According to, “coffee is the most popular beverage in the world, with more than 400 billion cups consumed each year.”