Tequila Herradura Debuts First Global Campaign

Brown-Forman has launched its first global marketing campaign for Tequila Herradura, called Extraordinary Awaits


Tequila Herradura Leaves Ordinary Behind With First Global Campaign

In this new campaign, the 150-year-old tequila brand highlights the extraordinary possibilities that await when you try this world class and award-winning spirit.


Tequila Herradura Rebranded With Energy Bbdo Global Campaign

Tequila Herradura launches its first-ever global campaign, ?Extraordinary Awaits,? with a rebranded image and new :30 film by Energy BBDO.


Move Over, Margarita. Blanco Tequila Can Be Used In Virtually Any Cocktail

Blanco tequila is so diverse, Stephen Beaumont makes the case for using it in virtually any cocktail


The Best Father’s Day Tequilas For Any Budget

Tequila sales skyrocketed some 54% (according to Nielsen data) amidst pandemic shutdowns, making it the go-to choice for Couch-and-Boxers happy hour/Zoom


Will Celebrity-backed Tequila Brands Succeed?

Celebrities such as The Rock and George Clooney have helped the stratospheric rise in popularity of Tequila and other agave spirits. But canny consumers will discern whether the stars have a real pass


Mexico Carries The Can For Brown-forman’s Tequila Gloom As Ceo Hails Herradura’s Us Runway

Brown-Forman has qualified its disappointing showing in Tequila in this week's results, flagging a tough domestic market for Herradura in recent months.


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