Laverne Cox And Smirnoff Want To Meet You At The Bar(re)

Women's History Month campaign supports a Black women-owned fitness studio.


Vodka Market 2020


‘the Last Of Its Kind’: How Smirnoff’s ‘sea’ Ad Made A Splash

Amid stiff competition from the wider spirit sector, Smirnoff decided to pull out all the stops with a big-budget, old school shoot that brought together helicopters, cranes and some very angry fisher


Alcho-seltzer: Smirnoff Believes Hard Seltzer’s ‘balanced’ Traits Will Propel It As Next Big Australian Drinks Trend

Global vodka giant Smirnoff believes that hard seltzer is on track to become the next big drinks trend in Australia, banking on its ?balanced? low-calorie, low-sugar characteristics.


Stay-at-home Drinking Lifts Spirits At Diageo

The Guinness maker has taken a hit due to bar closures and travel restrictions but some of its brands have still thrived.


How Vodka, America’s Favorite Spirit, Lost Its Luster

From the '60s to the early 2000s, vodka was all the rage. How did the world?s most lucrative spirit lose its star appeal and stop being cool?


Three Arrested In Pietermaritzburg For Peddling Counterfeit Vodka

Police have descended on a ?racket? of potentially harmful counterfeit alcohol being sold to the public, and on Tuesday arrested three people in two separate sting operations for peddling hundreds of


How Relevant Is Vodka Innovation In A Pandemic World?

The troubled vodka category has been doing its best to attract consumers with innovative offerings. But with a global recession on the horizon, will drinkers take the safe route and stick to old favou


Alcopop Market In Global Industry 2020-2026


The Trends Driving The Us Spirits Market

The spirits category in the US is in flux, with Tequila and mezcal on the rise, low-ABV drinks and hard seltzers coming to the fore, and the industry as a whole fighting to weather the Covid-19 storm