Coca-cola Blocks “transgender” On Bottle Customization Tool, Allows “nazis”

"QAnon" and "Trump won" were allowed on previews of customized bottles, while "LGBT" and "Black Lives Matter" were prohibited.


Ronaldo’s Coca Cola Gesture Caused $4bn To Be Knocked Off Company’s Market Value

Cristiano Ronaldo's removal of Coca Cola bottles at a Euro 2020 press conference on Monday was followed by $4 billion being knocked off the...


Coca-cola To Test Paper Bottles In The Summer

This is part of its aim to recycle 100% of the bottles and cans it markets by 2030.


Coca-cola With Coffee Is Now Available In The U.s.

Soda or coffee? Will it be the best of two worlds?


Coca Cola’s Christmas Advert Is Here

The annual truck tour is cancelled, but this will make you feel just as festive...


Coca-cola Cancels Their Annual Festive Truck Tour Amid Pandemic

Coca-Cola has announced on Twitter that its annual truck tour of the UK will not be taking place for the first time in ten years, because of the ongoing restrictions in place to reduce the spread of c


Coca Cola Confirms Its Truck Is Cancelled This Year Due To Covid-19

Coca Cola has confirmed its truck usual nationwide trip for Christmas has been cancelled.


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