Copper Rivet Out Of England Releases A Column Still Whisky

Kent?s Copper Rivet Distillery recently released its second limited-edition in its Masthouse range: a malt whisky made in a column still.


Distillery In Kent To Open New Restaurant Called The Pumproom This Week

Copper Rivet Distillery is to open a new restaurant called The Pumproom this week, housed in its historic home beside the River Medway.


England’s Copper Rivet Distillery Offering Up Single Estate, Farm To Glass Whiskies

Young Copper Rivet Distillery out of England recently released a single-estate, farm to glass whisky - Masthouse Single Malt Whisky - that's been distilled from grain grown just a few miles away from


Copper Rivet Distillery Launches First Whisky

England?s Copper Rivet Distillery has released its inaugural single malt whisky made with Kentish malted barley


Distillery Set To Launch New Whisky

A spirit maker, known for it's gin and hand sanitiser, is putting the final touches on it's new line of Masthouse whisky.


Distillery Rubs Its Hands In Glee At New Deal

A distillery has landed a major contract to provide hand sanitiser during the health crisis.


Drinking Gin With The Master At Gerald’s Bar

As lockdowns ease, bars around the country have opened, including Melbourne favourite Gerald's Bar, where a slew of new gins has Max Allen fizzing.


The Kent Family Distillery That’s Swapped Making Gin For Hand Sanitiser

Copper Rivet Distillery in Chatham is supplying Metropolitan Police with 15,000 litres of hand sanitiser


Copper Rivet Receives Patent For Banik Still

England?s Copper Rivet Distillery has been awarded a patent for its Banik Still, which was developed to enhance maceration and vapour infusion


Copper Rivet’s Innovative New Still Awarded Gin Distilling Patent

Copper Rivet Distillery's Banik Still is described as being ?more efficient, more consistent? and able to produce ?a better product? than traditional stills.