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How To Make Meatless Meatballs

Who said meatballs can only contain meat? These days, meatballs are enjoyed all over the globe and come in many different forms. This plant-based take on meatballs resembles the flavors of Italian-American meatballs which are made with quinoa, black beans and herbs. 


The Health Benefits Of Tequila: Is It Too Good To Be True?

Some online content reports that tequila has health benefits. However, research shows any health benefits tequila may provide derive from compounds in its raw ingredients, not from the alcohol itself.


How Changing Your Diet Can Improve Your Health

As the world becomes ever more aware of the importance of nutrition in general, it’s no wonder that the relationship between food and overall health is being studied further. Healthy living should incorporate not only a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy, but should also include an exercise program to keep you motivated.


What Drinks Help You Concentrate While You Study

Probably everyone feels unable to concentrate on important things from time to time. This is especially common for students as they need to focus really a lot while studying, which can be quite exhausting for their brain. Thus, they tend to get distracted by different things so easily. The longer one learns something, the more difficult it gets to keep a deep focus on study material. 


Bacardi Reduces Plastic Waste With The Launch Of The World’s First Fully Biodegradable Spirits Bottle

Drink giant Bacardi is rolling out the first fully biodegradable spirits bottle in the world.


Best Activities To Enjoy With Your Next Coffee

Coffee is beloved around the world for both its delicious taste and amazing benefits. Not only does it wake you up for the day ahead, it also brings warmth and rejuvenates your soul. For many people, coffee time is that sacred time to ourselves to relax and reflect. Others enjoy sharing this moment with their friends or coworkers. If you are looking to make this time in your day even better, then here are some ideal activities that are better enjoyed with a quality cup of coffee. 


What Are Dram Shop Laws?

Although bartenders are not supposed to serve liquor to obviously intoxicated people, it happens every day. Most bartenders work off of tips and they do not want to anger regular customers who may threaten to take their business elsewhere if they are not served. Some of those bibulous customers are likely to get into accidents or bar fights.


Enjoy A Touch Of Fabulous French Flair at Leopard’s Leap During July

For 2020, the annual Bastille festival is going virtual and while we will miss the crowds dressed in the colours of the drapeau français, we are excited about the opportunity to share our favourite French-inspired wines and dishes with the wider online audience.


Research Finds Coronavirus Had A Bigger Impact On Women’s Drinking And Experts Aren’t Surprised

To say that this year has gone a little differently than we might have expected is an understatement.


Everyone Loves a Good Comeback Story

Legend has it that Viognier is an ancient grape originating in Dalamatia (present-day Croatia) and was brought to the Rhone Valley during the Roman occupation. One legend states that the Roman emperor Probus brought the vine to the region in 281 AD; another has the grape packaged with Syrah on a cargo ship navigating the Rhône river, en route to Beaujolais when it was captured, near the site of present-day Condrieu, by a local group of outlaws.