Coffee Mugs Reveal A Lot About Human Characteristics and Personality Types

Mugs represent the characteristics of a person’s personality and will vary from one character to the next. Some coffee or tea drinkers want to be seen as young and trendy while others want to be portrayed as professional and hardworking individuals. 


Hop On Pop! Dad Jokes Are Fizzy Fun At Liv’s Drink Emporium In Sun Prairie

With mixable fruity soda combinations, coffee and baked goods, Liv?s wants parents and kiddos to know ?It's a Grape Day.?


Your Next Nescafe Coffee Is At Risk. Thanks To A Big Traffic Jam In Suez Canal

Coffee roasters in Europe struggling to get coffee from Vietnam, the world?s largest robusta producer, due to a shortage of shipping containers


Coffee Monster App Makes Ordering A Cup A Breeze For South Africans

Born in Cape Town, Coffee Monster is a tech startup that aims to support local coffee shops across the country with its innovative platform. The easy-to-use app makes ordering a cup of joe from your favourite spot a breeze.


Drinking Coffee Before A Workout Boosts Fat Burning

A new study has found that crunching a cup of coffee before a workout can push gym-bunnies past their athletic limits and help increase aerobic exercise’s fat-burning ability.


The World Is Facing A Coffee Crisis!

Coffee supplies in the U.S. are shrinking and wholesale prices are surging, with the hard-hit market bracing for further fallout from a global shortage of shipping containers that’s upended the food trade.

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Pepsico Unveils New Line Of Mountain Dew Energy Drinks With Lebron James’ Endorsement

PepsiCo's new Mtn Dew Rise Energy line is meant to compete in the energy drink category and draw in consumers who usually stick to coffee or juice.


NESCAFÉ RICOFFY Shares Pride And Respect In Every Sip

South Africa’s most loved instant chicory and coffee extract, NESCAFÉ RICOFFY, has announced that it now uses coffee beans that are 100% responsibly sourced.

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Coffee Drinkers Are Also Drinking Cockroaches, Doctor Says

A doctor  in England went viral on TikTok this week after issuing a warning to coffee lovers.


How Your Daily Cup Of Coffee Effects The Planet

For many of us, coffee is essential. It allows us to function in the morning and gives a much needed boost during the day.