Doctor Explains How Beer Goggles Alter Sex Appeal

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki has explained how “beer goggles” change our perception of attractiveness in a now-viral video that’s sweeping the internet.


5 Reasons Most People Are Switching To Veganism

Veganism has become one of the most trending ideas today. Many people have already started ditching the non-vegetarian diet for the plant-based diet, and for all the right reasons. Going vegan is not merely restricted to cutting out meat from the diet; but also bidding goodbye to dairy, eggs, and all other animal products. 


Why You Shouldn’t Drink Orange Juice For Breakfast

Oranges are among the world’s most popular fruits. They are a healthy source of fiber, vitamin C, thiamine, folate, and antioxidants and offer multiple health benefits.


The Top 3 Benefits Of Investing In CBD Lotion

Do you sometimes wonder how CBD products suddenly took the world by storm? If you have, you are not alone. CBD products, including the CDB lotion, quickly grasped the global consumer market, but it is best to point out that this did not happen overnight. 

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Why Hemp Cream Is Popular Right Now

The hemp plant is currently a hot topic in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic world. Often confused by many as weed, this is a fast-growing Cannabis Sativa species grown mainly for industrial use. It has been in use for ages but only became legalized for use and growing in the US in 2018. The FDA also approved it but recommended having more research done for a conclusive report. Creams infused with hemp seed oil, hemp oil, and CBD from the hemp plant have seen their demand skyrocket. Firms are working around the clock to release products and tap into this new market. Reasons why these creams are popular right now include:


The Perfect Bloody Mary Explained By Science

There is little better on a Sunday morning at brunch, or breakfast, or tea for that matter, than a Bloody Mary to open your eyes and get your day started right. The kick of spice, the tang of lemon, and the flavors of vodka and tomato all combine to make a world-class drink. That is, of cause, if it’s made properly.

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Can Scientific Nutrition Research Be Trusted?

This last decade has seen a rise in the number of people interested in nutrition and health. The discussion has shifted from what food group isn’t all that essential to specific food items and how they benefit the body. Nutrition research practitioners have also been conflicting with dieticians since these two disciplines are different, and discussions have arisen of who among the two groups should be trusted. 


Science Finds Coffee Is Good Your Heart

Unlike your ex-lover, coffee won’t break your heart. Quite the opposite, in fact. According to Science, coffee has been linked to a long-term risk of reduced heart failure. In a new meta-study th

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Coffee Vs Tea For Productivity: Which Drink Is Better For Work Or Study

The debate on which is the better drink between the two beverages, tea and coffee has always been an age long one, and people often wonder which one is the better one out of the two, is it coffee? Is it tea? Who is going to win between the beans and the leaves? Which beverage is better for your productivity and helps you improve your standard of work? 


Coffee Filters May Prove Effective Against The Coronavirus

New research from Virginia Tech University finds that coffee filters not only keep oils from making their way to the cup during brewing but may also block the coronavirus.