Newly Opened Bars Are Allowing Patrons To Get Too Drunk

When someone overindulges in alcohol, we tend to think of it as that person’s problem, and in most cases it is. However, there are times when it is the party who serves the person the alcohol who is partially responsible for anything that person does while they are drunk, which includes getting into an accident. That is because it is irresponsible to serve someone alcohol when they are clearly drunk, just like it is irresponsible to sell alcohol to minors.


Is It Healthy To Eat Grilled Foods?

Grilling is an excellent form of cooking that has been passed on by our ancestors. Firing up the grill is very common amongst people especially during a public holiday. Grilling is fun and pairing it up with beer makes it even better. With a variety of beer options and meat options, it’s a match made in heaven. Over the years, we have developed many ways to process and cook our meat such as frying, boiling, grilling, roasting and so much more. Maintaining is essential as it will increase its durability and last longer. Whether you’ve just purchased a brand new George Foreman Grill or you’re a veteran George griller, this guide on Carnivore Style will teach you how to clean a George Foreman Grill efficiently.

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4 Healthy Drinks To Accompany Your Keto Prepared Meals

Drinks tend to be the trickiest sources of sugar and calories in your diet. Despite some drinks with seemingly a healthy and nutritious presentation, you’ll never know how much sugar they had in them, which may largely affect any diet you’re observing. In particular, freshly pressed fruit juices, coffee drinks, even your favorite refreshing sodas contain large amounts of sugar, increasing your likelihood of gaining fat and make it difficult for your body to get into ketosis. 


Daytime Drinker? Get a Fresh Start With These 6 Habits of Responsible Drinkers

Some days, nothing sounds more appealing than an ice-cold hard seltzer (or seven during a night out with friends). On account of the stressors of modern life, it can be easy to wonder if the bottom of a bottle of wine might hold relief from all of life’s challenges. Still, the line between healthy recreational drinking and dangerous alcohol addiction is, unfortunately, a thin one. 


How To Do Intermittent Fasting The Right Way

Intermittent fasting has become one of the world’s most popular health and fitness trends. People are using it to lose weight, improve their health and simplify their lifestyles.


Smoothies And Creams: 6 All-Natural Pain Management Solutions

It’s normal for most people to experience some type of pain in their bodies, especially after a long and physically exhausting day. In most cases, the soreness in the muscles or joints will disappear after a day or two. However, there’ll be instances when the body pain you feel lasts longer than usual.  

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Why You Should NEVER Mix Pain Killers with Alcohol

Mixing pain relievers with booze is never a great decision. Alcohol doesn’t just get you drunk, it affects your entire body, and when combined with medicines, it can cause some adverse reactions.


Replace Your Morning Cuppa With Ginger Tea And Feel The Difference

Ginger is know for its many health benefits and is often used as a natural remedy. Ginger is loaded with loads of vitamins and minerals including magnesium and amino acids which aid blood flow and decrease the chances of cardiovascular diseases.


6 Ways To Relieve Dehydration

Every single, functioning cell in your body requires water to work. That’s why dehydration, or losing fluids faster than you can replace them, impairs almost all the processes in your brain, joints, kidneys, and the skin. 


10 Ways Alcohol Affects Relationships

A silly smile, you’re euphoric and you see life in pink. These symptoms are reminiscent of both love and drunkenness. Alcohol influences your perception of things changes your behaviour and affects physical activity.