How To Brew A Batch Of Boozy Apple Cider At Home

Say no to ridiculously marked-up Black Market booze! Rather stock up on some apples and brew up a big batch of your own intoxicating sparkling cider in the safety of your home.


Breakfast Tortilla Cups With Ham, Cheese And Egg

Baked in Tortilla Wraps, these Ham, Cheese and Egg Cups are just perfect for feeding a crowd. Plus, they are ridiculously quick and easy to make

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Garden Fresh Green Gazpacho

The freshness of these vegetables and the earthiness of the broth are complemented by a wine that can match the crispness of the produce while not being overwhelmed by the complexities of the integrated flavours.


Ginger Ale and De-Alcolised White Wine Mocktail

Ditching alcohol during January has become a trend. Celebrate a sober you with this ginger ale and de-alcolised mocktail, developed by Leopard’s Leap.

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Bowl Of Creamy Barley Risotto With Mushrooms And Spinach

Undeniably comforting, yet refreshingly simple, risotto might as well be the meal-equivalent of a giant hug. WellPlated is the creator of this genius barley bowl with mushrooms and spinach. It’s high in fiber, low in fat, and tastes absolutely divine!


Deep-Fried Pickles brings fair food home with this deep-fried pickles recipe. Serve the crispy fried pickles on a stick as an appetizer with dipping sauce.


Rolled Roti Omelet With Avocado, Bacon And Tomato

Los Angeles-based foodie Kiano Moju says the secret to this rolled roti omelet brunch delight is to use plenty of oil when frying the eggs to avoid them from sticking to the pan. This is not a recipe to skimp on the butter or try and count calories


How To Bake A Tequila Christmas Cake

Spice up your Christmas with this Tequila Christmas cake. Don’t forget to sample the quality of the tequila before, during and after baking!


Make A Bacon And Tomato Paptert With Only 4 Ingredients

Long lazy summer days call for a braai and a cold one! Savour the goodness of hot days spent with friends and family with this easy-to-make festive paptert recipe from Rhodes Quality, using only 4 ingredients.


Make Pickle Juice Popcorn Like Selena Gomez

Turns out Selena Gomez has quite an adventurous palate and acquired a taste for pickle popcorn.