The Most Popular Sodas In The United States Today

Are you a fan of soda? Even if you don’t drink it often, there’s a good chance you’ve sampled a few different flavors and brands over time. You’ve probably also got a list of favorites that are your go-to sodas of choice, but have you ever wondered what tops the list as the most popular sodas in the United States? Here we’ll take a look at some of the top brands and types of soda in the country today so you can see how your brand of choice measures up.


Wendy’s Has New Rick And Morty Soda

UPDATE: Wednesday morning, Wendy's distributed a press release officially announcing the products. [...]


Have You Seen This? 2 Bees Open Fanta Bottle And I Don’t Know What That Means

We all love a cold, refreshing soda. The way the bubbles hit your tongue and the tang tickles your jaw. Apparently bees get the same satisfaction.


Sodastream Launches Bubly Drops™ In Canada

/CNW/ - SodaStream is thrilled to announce that bubly drops? have arrived in Canada, giving Canadians a new and exciting way to create bubly?-branded sparkling...


How To Make A Classic Aperol Spritz For Springtime Sipping

Although there's arguably a time and a place for high-alcohol beverages, for those days when you'd like to have a drink ? or three ? and still function, it's best to go slow and steady on the booze. I


4 Healthy Drinks To Accompany Your Keto Prepared Meals

Drinks tend to be the trickiest sources of sugar and calories in your diet. Despite some drinks with seemingly a healthy and nutritious presentation, you’ll never know how much sugar they had in them, which may largely affect any diet you’re observing. In particular, freshly pressed fruit juices, coffee drinks, even your favorite refreshing sodas contain large amounts of sugar, increasing your likelihood of gaining fat and make it difficult for your body to get into ketosis. 


My Iftar Table Isn’t Complete Without Doodh Soda

Creamy, sweet, fizzy, and thirst-quenching, all in one.


Sodastream Teams Up With Pangeaseed Foundation To Raise Awareness For Ocean Life Conservation To Celebrate Earth Month

Plastic waste can have a lasting impact, in fact, it is predicted that we will have more plastic than sea life in the ocean by 20501. SodaStream, the


Sodastream Teams Up With Pangeaseed Foundation To Raise Awareness For Ocean Life Conservation To Celebrate Earth Month



Peeps Is Collaborating With Pepsi To Release A Limited Edition Marshmallow-flavored Soda

Cans of the new collaboration won?t be available at grocery stores