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Wine papsak is king at OppiKoppi

If you’re on the fence about which political party gets your vote, picking drinks for one of the largest music festivals in the country will be the second tough choice you make.


How to make Tequila Sunrise Orange Slice Jell-O shots

These are cocktail-inspired jelly shots with a grown up presentation that will be welcome at any party.

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Crunchy Breakfast Wrap

This fast-food copycat, filled with bacon, cheese, hash browns and fluffy scrambled eggs, can be made ahead of time for an easy breakfast on-the-go.


A Winter Red: Boland Cellar Reserve No.1 Shiraz

Nestled in the heart of the Cape Winelands, Boland Cellar is situated in the beautiful Paarl Valley.


Drinking wine could be secret to happy marriage

Sharing a good bottle of wine over dinner is already one of the events to treasure in life, but now there is evidence that it can help your relationship.


2014 Lanzerac Merlot delivers a stellar performance at the 2016 Novare SA Terroir Wine Awards

Showing impeccable consistency in style the recently released Lanzerac Merlot 2014 was selected as the Top Merlot in the Area Winners Category for the Stellenbosch District Terroir Awards (including Stellenbosch wards), which forms part of the 2016 Novare SA Terroir Wine Awards.

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The Rompel Report: in the neighbourhood

The Peruvian cuisine has had a good run in the last years, with cevicherías opening up outside Peru in Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, Bogotá (Colombia) and even Madrid on the old continent. The suc


The Nazca Lines of Namaqualand

The famous Nazca Lines of the high desert of southern Peru are either wonders from a lost civilization or the handiwork of aliens. The body mapping works of Namaqualand's farm workers have a similar e