While most would prefer to see cockroaches squashed on the back of a shoe, the creepy critters may soon be popping up on cafe menus across the nation. (more…)

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Cockroach milk could be the next non-dairy fad with three times the energy

While most would prefer to see cockroaches squashed on the back of a shoe, the creepy critters may soon be popping up on cafe menus across the nation.


Was Coca-Cola actually invented in Spain?

The origin of the first-ever Coca-Cola recipe is in question.

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One pot Cheeseburger Gnocchi paired with Petit Verdot

This Cheeseburger Gnocchi recipe from kevinandamanda.com is so, so good. Seasoned beef. Spicy tomatoes. Gooey cheese. Toasted potato dumplings. Does it seriously get any better than this?!


New Wine Release: 2017 Glen Carlou Merlot

The wait is over! The Glen Carlou 2017 Merlot has been launched!  

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Diemersdal Estate Wins 3rd Trophy at Old Mutual Wine Show

Top image: Thys Louw at the 2018 Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show awards function.

In what is turning out to be an extraordinary year for Durbanville-based Diemersdal Wine Estate in terms of wine awards, the Diemersdal Private Collection 2016 won the Riedel Trophy for Best Bordeaux-style Red Blend at this year’s prestigious Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show.


Clash Of The Titans, S1mple Vs Coldzera

The game of Starladder i-League Season 5 belongs to SK vs Na`Vi on inferno. That game wasn’t perfect CS, nor was it even the best game played this year, but it was the stage on which we got to see t


3 Local Stars Unveil Designer Vodka Bottles

"This couldn't have come at a better time where Africans need to unite and become their own superheroes," says Khuli Chana.


That’s The Spirit!: Rum Sales To £1billion For The First Time… We Find Out Why

As rum sales top £1billion for the first time, Dominic Utton discovers why the sailors’ favourite is steaming ahead.


Top 100 Drinking Trends In June

These June 2018 drinking trends are encouraging consumers to get out and enjoy the sunshine, while staying hydrated with the latest and most innovated drink offerings.


All The Sama24 Winners!

Newcomer Shekhinah dominated at the 24th edition of South African Music Awards (SAMA) held in Sun City, North West, on Saturday night, 2 June 2018. Shekhinah won Newcomer of the Year, Album of the Yea


Minimalist Booze Branding by Miami Cocktail Co

Miami Cocktail Co - Branding is a key element for any product but the recent redesign of Miami Cocktail Co. shows just how important storytelling can be in any form of...


June 4, 2018: New York Comic Con Organizer Says Glitch Caused Mass Badge Denials, Prince Fans To Organize Music Festival To Celebrate The Musician, Inside A “breakup Boot Camp”

1. NEW YORK COMIC CON ORGANIZER SAYS GLITCH CAUSED MASS BADGE DENIALS: Mike Armstrong, the event director for ReedPop?the organizer of New York Comic Con?said that a glitch caused a series of badge r


Hey, Dallas! It’s Negroni Week 2018, Here’s Where To Celebrate

We’ve all read about Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships, but us drinkers prefer to read about a cocktail that launched a thousand charitable donations. 7,138 donations, to be exa


7 Gins From Around The World

Just add ice and a slice.


5 Great Ways To Help You Celebrate World Gin Day On June 9

Hong Kong offers special brunch, array of ‘magical’ cocktails and a masterclass in honour of ‘The Great Gatsby’ author’ F. Scott Fitzgerald’s favourite tipple


There’s More To Islay Scotch Whiskies Than Just Peat

The general perception among whisky drinkers is that Islay whiskies are almost always peated, but Bunnahabhain bucks that trend by producing a core range that is completely unpeated.


Steel Producers Urge Ottawa Not To Delay Imposing Retaliatory U.s. Tariffs

Prime Minister Trudeau gives no indication his government is willing to expedite the process of applying commensurate taxes on the United States, which he has said will take effect starting on July 1


Sustainable Cocktails Could Be the Next Big Trend in Bartending

From the resurgence of craft cocktails to drinks devised purely for sharing on Instagram, there always seems to be a new beverage fad sweeping through urban cafés, restaurants, and bars. But a n


Darling Brew

Darling Brew, a craft brewery based in the town of Darling in the Western Cape, has been officially declared as Africa’s first carbon neutral brewery. The brewery is expected to offset a total of 68


Good Demand For Landed Residential Property In South Johor

JOHOR BARU: The demand for landed residential property in south Johor, especially in the Iskandar Malaysia region, is still encouraging despite the slowdown in the property market.


Tanqueray Launches Limited Edition Lovage

Diageo has launched a new, savoury flavoured, limited edition gin, Lovage, created with drinks maestro Jason Crawley


Heineken At The Forefront Of Innovation With Two Media Firsts In Sub-saharan Africa

An innovative case study from alcoholic beverage manufacturer Heineken, around the use of new technology in marketing, a first in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Entries For The 2018 Eat Out Woolworths Sustainability Award Are Now Open


5 Ways To Celebrate Negroni Week In Denver

Here’s where to sip the iconic Campari cocktail for a good cause.


Where To Celebrate Negroni Week In Austin

The weeklong charity event celebrates a classic cocktail for a good cause.


#greenmondaysa: Umfino Spinach Pie

The pie is a versatile dish and easy to adapt to meet your vegetarian needs. Here's how to make this delicious veggie pie...


Cape Town Gin & Spirits Co. Bringing Us The Gin Goodness

Cape Town Gin & Spirits Co. brings us premium boldly South African gin deliciousness - Classic Dry, Rooibos Red and the Pink Lady.


Plan A Dinner Party Menu With Willow Creek Olive Estate

Love entertaining? Us too! We've used the Willow Creek Olive Estate range to create a 4-course menu of tasty, easy-to-prep dishes that guests will love!


Watch: This Wine Is Made In A Fishing Village And Tastes Like The Ocean

Fryer's Cove has bottled a taste of the sea breeze!


Clemengold Gin: Citrus-infused With The Essence Of Sunshine

Clemengold Gin brings one of our favourite drinks and fruits together. Hints of rosemary, juniper & vanilla on the finish, it is a smooth, yet complex gin.