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What Kind of Milk Should You Choose for Your Coffee?

For the past few years, regular stores started selling more and more types of milk. Nowadays, you can buy coconut milk, almond milk, reduced-fat milk, and many more in every store around the corner. When it comes to coffee, everybody’s taste is different. Some people will prefer sweet coffee, and others won’t drink anything with sugar. 


5 Perfect Drinks to Cool You Down in the Summer

Hot summer days require cold, refreshing beverages, do you agree? They are perfect to combine with ice cream, frozen yogurt or light snacks. During summer, it is a real challenge to find a drink that is light, easy to digest, but refreshing and healthy for the body. Some drinks are served at room temperature, and our advice is to avoid them for the summer, but rather drink them in winter. These include whisky or rum, which can sometimes be too difficult to digest due to their high percentage of alcohol. Keep reading to find out which drinks you can drink if you want to beat the heat! Pro tip: keep the water intake high when temperature is on the rise!


Art Meets Gin In Exclusive Collaboration Between South African Artist And Musgrave Eleven Gin

At times over the last year South Africa has existed in a modern era of prohibition – our freedoms curtailed for the greater good. But in the face of adversity our nation’s spirit of endeavour prevailed. We hustled, we adapted, we survived, and we collaborated. Creativity and innovation thrived.


Youthful Beauty in Chamonix’s Early Wines

Top image: Neil Bruwer, Chamonix winemaker.

The proof is in the pudding. So, with all the hype surrounding the quality of the Cape 2021 wine vintage and the fostering of a focused sense of duty, I ventured into the Chamonix winery in Franschhoek to check-out this year’s young wines.


Have You Seen This? 2 Bees Open Fanta Bottle And I Don’t Know What That Means

We all love a cold, refreshing soda. The way the bubbles hit your tongue and the tang tickles your jaw. Apparently bees get the same satisfaction.


Personalise Your Glenfiddich Bottle Label To Celebrate Great Moments

Immortalise moments that are worth celebrating with the world's most awarded single malt Scotch whisky

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Ease Into Winter With Constantia Glen Red Wine & French Onion Soup

#HighburyHearsYou ? we at Cape Town Etc are passionate about getting local restaurants back and booming in business. As part of our #HighburyHearsYou initiative, we?re dishing out the deets on some in


Brockmans Gin Claims “best Of Class” Platinum Award At 2021 Sip Awards

Consumers have spoken ? Brockmans Gin, the ?Properly Improper? new-style gin that is fast becoming a favorite of U.S. consumers and [...]


Global Iced Tea Market – Detailed Analysis Of Current Industry Figures With Forecasts Growth By 2028

The report offers an in-depth examination of the global Iced Tea market for the years 2018 ? 2028, w


Sugarbird Cape Fynbos Gin, luxury Handcrafted Gin  With South African Twist 

Sugarbird Cape Fynbos Gin takes its name from this iconic bird, an important distinguishing element of its taste profile.


Sugarbird Cape Fynbos, Luxury Handcrafted Gin with South African Twist 

Sugarbird Cape Fynbos Gin takes its name from this iconic bird, an important distinguishing element of its taste profile.