Booze Ban Sends Sales Of Alcohol-free Drinks Soaring

Government’s ban on the sale of alcohol during the Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown has created an unexpected windfall for the alcohol-free beverage industry.


Sommelier Bongani Ngwenya: A Sommelier’s Journey

From a cleaner to a sommelier, Bongani Ngwenya shares his journey and love for wine.

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Winemaker Ntsiki Biyela: Like Climbing Table Mountain

‘I decided to take my wine that won gold home to my grandmother to taste... I poured it into cups and she took a sip. She told me it was nice but her facial expression said the complete opposite’


How We Make Johann Rupert Rich Daily

Johann Rupert is in your tea, on your sandwich and on your wine list. If you’re not eating him, you’re drinking him, writes Bonolo Ramokhele.


From Limpopo’s Misty Hills To A Global Brew

Zwakala Brewery is making inroads in the local craft beer market but wants to go.


How To Invest In South African Wine

The entry of a broker could boost the fledgling wine investment industry, writes Angelique Ruzicka.

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