It’s National Tequila Day And These Deals Will Help You Shoot Your Shot

You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take.


Is The Starbucks Psl Coming Back This Year? Here’s What We Know

It's never too early...

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You Can Book This Luxury Virtual Wine Tasting Experience That Comes With Russian Caviar

Classy drinking right from the couch? Don't mind if I do!


Bombay Sapphire Has Released Bramble Cocktail Cans And They Are Perfect For Summer

Have you got park drinks coming up?


Smirnoff Has Launched A Raspberry Crush Flavour And We Can Taste The Cocktails Already

The taste of summer has arrived!


Lambrini Cans Exist And They’re Perfect For Park Drinks

They come in four fruity flavours!

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Best Amazon Prime Day Gin Deals You’ll Want To Get Your Hands On!

We're talking Whitley Neill, Hendricks and more!


Battle Over: The Aperol Spritz Is Officially The Best Summer Cocktail

All you need to remember the ratio is 3-2-1!


Burger King Just Added A Frozen Strawberry Fanta To Its Menu And It Looks So Good!

The US has had slushies on its menu for years, and now we get to have a turn!


Beefeater Has Launched Three New Flavours Of G&t Cans Just In Time For Summer

Blood orange gin and tonic? Sold.

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