Alexis Ohanian Teams Up With Stella Artois To Help Americans Stop Losing Their Minds During Tax Time

The innovator and the beer-maker have joined forces to help everyone chill out during this stressful season.


Stop Wasting Time At Starbucks And Keep Grinding With These Coffee Accessories

Because we all need the occasional pick-me-up.


Coca-cola To Test Paper Bottles In The Summer

This is part of its aim to recycle 100% of the bottles and cans it markets by 2030.


Coca-cola With Coffee Is Now Available In The U.s.

Soda or coffee? Will it be the best of two worlds?


Eye! Dublin’s Starbucks Was Fined 12,000 Euros And This Is Why

A Starbucks branch located in Ireland was ordered to pay a compensation of 12 thousand euros, because one of the workers drew an "insulting" face to a consumer of Thai origin.


Comedy Legend Dan Aykroyd Doesn’t Mess Around When It Comes To Vodka

Did you know that the man responsible for some of the funniest moments in film and TV is also responsible for the prize-winning Crystal Head Vodka? Well, now you do!


Starbucks Barista Claims She Was Fired For Not Wanting To Wear A 'pride' Shirt

Betsy Fresse initiated a legal process against the chain of coffee shops.


Passion Is The Marrow Of Success

The actor and co-founder of Crystal Head Vodka talks about the origins of the spirits brand and the importance of positivity in business.

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Corona Is Launching A Hard Seltzer

Plus, a startup called raises $11 million, and an event company blends creativity and collaboration.


“what A Country!” Making America Laugh Again With Yakov Smirnoff

On this episode of The Capability Amplifier, comedian Yakov Smirnoff discusses the quest for happiness and the power of laughter.

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