Here’s How Sean ‘diddy’ Combs Built His $885 Million Empire

American rapper Diddy is worth $885 million and his fortune comes from stakes in businesses such as Ciroc Vodka and his clothing line.


Meet The Woman Behind New Distillery Honouring Black Slave Who Taught Jack Daniel How To Make Whiskey

The contributions of black people to America?s history across various fields have, over the years, been largely forgotten and this is also evident in the spirits industry. The story of how Jack Daniel


Woman Bullied For Being Named Marijuana Pepsi, Earns Phd After Dissertation On Black Names

Marijuana Pepsi?s mother was judged and thought to be mean for giving her daughter such an odd name. After 46 years, Marijuana Pepsi, who proudly embraced her unique name, is going places as her mothe


Meet The Man Who Made Africa’s First-ever Cellular Call In 1987

The cellular network in the world has come a long way: we now have 4G networks and we have made tremendous progress in creating affordable devices to improve communications. In Africa, the progress ha

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Cheers To The All-female South African Brewery Shaking Up The Beer Industry

When beer was first made around 7000 B.C., a woman was in charge of affairs, gathering the grains and brewing the grog. Brewing would remain a woman’s job until about 160 years ago when men took ove


This Former Slave Influenced America’s Famous Whiskey, Jack Daniels

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