Your Tea Has A Cup-full Of Benefits

White, green, black, herbal, masala and many others, teas are available in different types, and each has its own benefits.


Memes On Employee Peeing In Budweiser Beer Flood Twitter. What’s The Truth?

The news about employee peeing in Budweiser beer is false.

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Pepsi Joins Nrai, Swiggy Initiative To Provide 25 Lakh Meals To Workers In Distress

As part of the initiative, whenever any consumer adds any soft drink to a meal order on Swiggy from June 25 to July 19, Pepsi will contribute part of the proceeds in respect of each soft drink ordered


World Whisky Day: enjoy Virtual Happy Hours With These Whisky Cocktails To Sip On A Summer Evening

Scotch whisky is one of the most celebrated spirits across the world and one can find several occasions to enjoy a peg of their favourite whisky in several ways - on the rocks, with a mixer, or as a c


Raise A Toast To Scotland’s Finest, This World Whisky Day: Tracing The History Of The Glenlivet

World Whisky Day is a call for celebration across the world to celebrate this fabulous and much-adored spirit. With the number of distilleries producing whisky continuing to rise, there?s an ever-grow


7 Summer Cocktails You Can Make At Home

With temperatures rising, and summer fruits in abundance, there are any number of refreshing cocktails to make at home.


Soldiers Bond Over Choice Chinese Beverage Moutai

Indian officers served Mao?s favourite liquor at official banquets, ceremonial events


Travel: Falling For The Scottish Highlands Hook, Line, And Sinker

Get drunk on whiskey, go salmon fishing, sample a Hummingbird Cake and let the rolling hills of Aberdeenshire charm you


Turmeric tea is one super drink that will make you lose weight fast!

Turmeric has been an essential part of ayurveda for centuries, experts say including it in your health diet will help you lose weight and stay fit. Over the past few years, turmeric’s popularity has soared in the west too, with people looking for ways to incorporate it in their lattes and teas.


Gourmet Secrets: Here’s To The New Age Gin And Tonic

That old bar standby of gin and tonic has now given way to boutique gins, artisanal tonics, and cocktails like you?ve never dreamed of

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