Hollywood’s Tequila Wars: Why It Feels Like Every Celebrity Has Their Own Bottle

Experts say the draw comes from a combination of the tequila category being a lucrative business and a certain "cool factor" the spirit has.


Lebron James Jumps Ship From Coca-cola To Pepsico And Will Be The Face Of A New Mountain Dew Drink

LeBron James is signing with PepsiCo after almost 18 years at rival Coca-Cola. James will be promoting a new Mountain Dew energy drink.

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3 Years After George Clooney Sold His Tequila Brand For A Billion Dollars, People Are Calling Out Kendall Jenner For Launching Her Own Tequila Company

Some say Kendall Jenner has no right to get into the tequila industry because she's not Mexican, but she's hardly the first celebrity to do it.


Gordon Ramsay Roasted A Tiktok Chef Who Cooked His Turkey On A Can Of Guinness

Ramsay pointed out that he thinks the beer can method is fine to use when cooking chicken rather than turkey, but that Guinness is too bitter to use.


10 Years After The ‘icing’ Drinking Prank, Tiktok Teens Are ‘oating’ Each Other With Containers Of Raw Oats

"Oating" on TikTok is a trend that parodies the early 2010s drinking game "icing," except this time with containers of raw oats rather than alcohol.


A Florida Home Has Been Dubbed The ‘house Of Budweiser’ For Its Floor-to-ceiling Beer Cans That Cover The Interior

The previous homeowner of Florida's "House of Budweiser" spent 16 years decorating almost every room in the house with empty beer cans that he drank.

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A Former Starbucks Barista Shares 9 Of The Most Annoying Drink Orders

A former barista at the chain shared the most time-consuming drinks to make and worst orders to hear, from seasonal Frappuccinos to extra-hot lattes.


A Former Starbucks Barista Shares 11 Of The Best Things To Order, From Secret Drinks To Desserts

A former Starbucks barista shares the best food, drink, and "secret menu" items to get from the coffee chain, plus how to order them correctly.

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The California Woman Who Refused To Wear A Face Mask In Starbucks Is Considering Suing To Get Half Of The Barista’s $100,000 In Gofundme Tips

People raised more than $100,000 for Lenin Gutierrez, a Starbucks barista who was shamed by Amber Gilles for trying to enforce a face-mask rule.


10 Things You Should Never Do At Starbucks, According To A Former Employee

Picking up the wrong drink from the counter and ordering off the "secret menu" are just some of the things that annoy this former Starbucks worker.

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