Bundaberg Rum Is Releasing A Limited-edition Pre-mixed Alcoholic Creaming Soda

People have gone absolutely wild for it.


Uni Student Defends Downing Two Litres Of Jack Daniels In 18 Seconds

Social media users condemning the dangerous stunt


Best Supermarket Beer And Lager Deals This Weekend If You’re Avoiding ‘super Saturday’

Pubs might have started reopening, but here's some beer and lager offers for those who crave a decent drink but want to do it at home.


People Shocked After Realising That The Sombrero On A Sierra Tequila Bottle Is For Salt

This is a game changer


The Kraken Black Spiced Rum Unveils Two New Premixed Drinks

For when you want that bar quality drink while at home.


Bloke Reveals His Ingenuous Goon And Sodastream Hack And Says It’s Delicious

Penicillin. The periodic table. DNA. Now sparkling goon?

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Bundaberg Rum Releases Limited Edition Bottle To Raise Money For Bushfire Affected Animals

All the funds will go to the WWF's Australian Wildlife & Nature Recovery Fund


Real Coffee Ice Break With Bundaberg Rum Exists And We’re Not Worthy

Shut up and take my money.

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Western Australia Is Copping Its First Annual ‘goon And Nugz’ Festival

*Immediately books flight to Perth*


Aussie Mum Admits To Pouring Goon Into More Expensive Wine Bottles To Serve To Guests

She says several guests have complimented her on serving a nice drop.

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