Famous For His Tequila, Marin’s Red Rocker Now Makes Rum

Marin?s Sammy Hagar is not the kind to just sit still. Whether it?s his solo musical career, his tenure with the bands Montrose, Van Halen, Chickenfoot or the Circle, or his liquor industry c?


Will Climate Change Affect The Way Beer Tastes?

The heatwave that broiled California for two weeks nearly killed my lone Cascade hopvine. While I hustled to keep up with the rest of my garden, watering the greens, tomatoes, zucchinis and fig tre?


When Nescafe Is Just What A ‘malicious Hooligan’ Needs

When Ida Nudel was released in 1982 from four years of internal exile in Siberia, where she had been sentenced for the act of ?malicious hooliganism,? she made her way back to the city ?


Pink beer officially becomes a thing!

Pink beer is nothing new, but this summer, rosé beer has officially become a thing — and hibiscus petals a new star ingredient — as brewers across the country put out light ales and lagers colored by additions of the flame-red flower petals and such fruits as cherries, cranberries, berries and grapes.

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Napa Valley?s Honig Vineyard & Winery Keeps It In The Family

Honig Vineyard & Winery?s wines routinely gather high marks, yet are surprising affordable.


A Way To Get Up Close And Personal With Wineries Large And Small

The Great Chefs and Wineries gala, an annual fundraiser benefiting Lifehouse?s work providing support and programs for people with developmental disabilities, is celebrating its 65th year. Lo?


Shake Shack Brings Its Golden State Double And Other Goodies To Larkspur

The grand debut of Shake Shack?s second Bay Area location has officially arrived. What began in 2004 as a humble hot dog stand in New York City?s Madison Square Park has expanded its international ?


Aperol Spritzes To Get Things Going

Aperol spritzes are all the rage these days. Any European trip will expose cocktail-oriented folks to this relatively new phenomenon. Not really a new idea, but an amalgamation of two very old idea…


Point Reyes Cheesemakers Poised For Growth In Petaluma

PETALUMA >> The stainless steel vats arrived from the Netherlands, the computerized operating system was purchased from Canada, the air quality system came from France and the machine that foil-


Ipa Honoring World Cup Arrives Just In Time

This July, Marin Brewing Co. is honoring one of the planet?s most loved sporting events with an IPA named in its honor. Whirled Cup Hazy IPA went on tap last week at the Larkspur brewpub and, hopefull

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