Monster Beverage Faces Claims That Drink Contained Dead Rodent

An Ohio man may proceed on claims he became seriously ill from drinking most of a can of a Monster Beverage Corp. energy drink with a dead rodent at the bottom, a federal court in the state ruled.


Pepsi Beats Contract Lawsuit Brought By Peruvian Bottler

Pepsi Cola Co. convinced the Second Circuit Tuesday not to revive a lawsuit brought by an independent Peruvian bottler over the lapsed rights to distribute Pepsi products in certain areas, with the ap


Sailor Jerry’s Heirs Settle Claims Against Same-named Rum Maker

The heirs of tattoo artist Norman Keith Collins?better known as Sailor Jerry?settled their claims in Hawaii federal court that the makers of Sailor Jerry rum infringed the late artist?s publicity righ


Sailor Jerry Rum Maker Beats Claim By Tattoo Artist’s Heirs

A right-of-publicity claim brought by the heirs of Hawaiian tattoo artist Sailor Jerry against the maker of Sailor Jerry rum failed because the state?s law was passed decades after his death, a Hawaii

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Ab Inbev Beer-keg Import Ban Rescinded After Heineken Settlement

An order that blocked imports of AB InBev countertop equipment to dispense draft beer was rescinded Wednesday based on a settlement agreement with patent owner and rival Heineken, U.S. International T


Sutter Home Says Wholesaler Infringes ?napa Cellars? Trademark

A wine wholesaler?s ?Clos de Napa Cellars? brand infringes Sutter Home?s ?Napa Cellars? trademark, according to an Oct. 2 complaint in the Northern District of California.


Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond Breeze Deceptively Labeled, Suit Says

Blue Diamond Growers tricks almond milk customers about the amount of vanilla in its vanilla Almond Breeze almond milk products, a new proposed class suit says.


Dan Aykroyd?s Company?s Vodka Trade Dress Win Upheld

A win for Dan Aykroyd?s vodka company, Globefill Inc., in a trade dress infringement case was upheld by the Ninth Circuit March 12.

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