Brits Furious After Belgian Beer Stella Artois Lowers Its Alcohol Content

"Used to be my favourite drink and since it's been reduced to 4.6 percent it tastes like water."


Basketball: Charlisse Leger-walker Follows Sister Krystal To Washington State University

Charlisse Leger-Walker will join older sister Krystal on a US scholarship.


Guinness ‘officially Done With The Colour Black’, Tells Fans To Drink Carlsberg Instead

The Irish beer's telling fans to drink Carlsberg instead.


No ‘technical Issues’: Smirnoff Vodka’s Cheeky Dig At Lime Ban

No "technical issues".

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Thieves Steal 30,000 Litres Of Iceberg Water From Vodka Company

"Jesus, what are they going to do with it?"


Two Arrested For Stealing Giant Bronze Gnome From Auckland Art Gallery

The $55,000 statue was stolen from a central Auckland gallery on Christmas Eve.


Gordon’s Releases Pink Gin In Nz, Just In Time For Summer

Move over frosé, there's a new kid on the block.


Pink Gets Her Own Slab Of Personalised Vb Beer

She was a big fan of the Australian beer during her tour.

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It Takes A Village: The Family Restaurant Which Brought Bollywood To Victoria Street

It takes a village to create a night and a meal like this one.


Woman Breaks Into Drake’s Home, Drinks His Sprite

She was also wearing one of his hoodies when she was arrested.

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