Why you should choose your glass as carefully as the wine that goes in it

Wine, like love, is a many-splendoured thing. Both require a vessel to contain them although, in drinking wine, very few people confuse the receptacle with its contents.


How a new kind of fizz began with the dinosaurs

The vineyards still occasionally throw up fossils of dinosaurs that were checking out the local flora and fauna 185 million years ago. Wines must be bottled for strict periods of time. Ph


The grape that brought power to the people

In wine, the tendrils of power spread like well-nourished vines, wrapping around some surprising edifices. Sangiovese grapes, the variety used to make the Brunello di Montalcino wine. Pho


An inspired sommelier loves two things at least as much as wine: people and stories

I’ve nothing against celebrated wines: enormous care and attention goes into their creation. Still, a little imagination is a heavenly thing. Red wine being poured in Paris. P


Why women are becoming the key ingredient in making and marketing wine

Women and wine have long been united in the realm of cliché, from Bridget Jones and her chardonnay to the Ab Fab girls and their endless bottles of champagne.


Don’t worry: a lot of thought goes into the bottom of the wine list

People intimidated by wine think that connoisseurs look down on them but it isn’t true – house wine is there to help. A winemaker works the grapes during the harvest iin


The freedom of Australian vineyards leaves tasters spoilt for choice

B efore I even got near the reds, I found myself thinking of a short story by Tolstoy, “How Much Land Does a Man Need?”. Soaking up the sun: another distinctive vintage rises


The grapes of sloth: Nina Caplan relaxes in Savoie’s vineyards

Buckets, bobsleds and a battery-powered bike. Chignin vineyards in south-eastern France. Photo: Guiziou Franck/Hemis/Corbis Two things I greatly appreciate: ski resorts in summer, when the chill


What Turner drank after a day sketching carnage

Nina Caplan drinks German wine and contemplates J M W Turner’s work on war. Turner's Field of Waterloo. Photo: Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge/Bridgeman Images To those failing to honour resolu


Nina Caplan: Raise a glass to peace in the Champagne empire

Even I willingly acknowledge that the damage to the vineyards of Champagne was one of the lesser tragedies of the First World War. Christmas cheer: champagne by the tree. Photo: Annie Roi/Flickr

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