Corona, The Iconic Mexican Beer Losing Its Identity To ?made In China? Version

Corona started local production on markets outside Mexico due to the need of its owner Anheuser-Busch InBev of satisfying high demand and solving supplies problems. ?The decision of producing Coron?


Margarita Anyone? Mexican Tequila Industry, 8 Years Of Sustained Growth

MEXICO CITY.- From 2003 and until 2016, the annual exports of tequila exceeded 100 million liters each year, largely thanks to the popularity of the margarita, cocktail that commemorated its intern…


This Tequila Costs $30,000 Usd A Bottle

In this article written by Katy Scott for CNN, you will learn about one of the most exclusive and expensive Tequilas around the world? Luxury tequila is having a moment right now. And Mexico&…

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