Inverroche Features Four Leading Creators Of African Luxury In New Film

SPONSORED | ?Pioneers of the Present? showcases the creative expression of pioneering spirits



Savanna tells consumers to "rest" from viral trends.

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Savanna tells consumers to "rest" from viral trends.


Three Of The Best Local Box Wines, According To A ‘platter’s Guide’ Taster

Fiona McDonald predicts more wine producers are going to go the bag-in-box route and tells us why that's a good thing.


Gulp! How Much Cash You Could Save By Buying Local Wine In A Box Vs Bottle

The perception that wine in boxes is inferior to that in bottles is changing, but does the notion that it's cheaper still hold true? We did the maths.


Beer Association Calls For Tax Relief Ahead Of Budget Speech

The Beer Association of SA says tax relief is the least the government can do to help its members, whose businesses have been devastated by the three bans on alcohol trading.


Four New Eateries That Are Livening Up The Cape Food Scene

These gutsy Cape cooks are bucking the trend with reinvented restaurants.


Heineken Sa To Cut Jobs, Put Investments On Hold

More than 165,000 people in the industry have lost their jobs since lockdowns started at the end of March.


Savanna Distances Itself From ‘irresponsible And Damaging’ Viral Trend

"The challenge was initiated by consumers and is in no way supported by the brand."


‘i Blame Savanna Drinkers’: Cider Gets Covid-19 Bad Apple Rap

When it comes to consequences it's always easier if someone else is to blame - and it looks like Mzansi is blaming the level 3 lockdown on cider drinkers, specifically those taking part in the unoffic

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