5 Ways To Use Leftover Coffee

Turn those cold dregs in the bottom of the coffee pot into something delicious.


Sodastream Launches Device To Clean Plastics From Ocean

This is the first-known attempt of a commercial company to undertake a physical clean-up of trash from open waters.


As Trump Abandons Climate Fight, Budweiser Aims For 100% Renewables

America isn't going to lead on climate anymore. The world's largest brewer, however, is.


Automated home fermentation device turns fruit into wine or cider

Just what we’ve been waiting for – an automated home fermentation device that can turn fruit or honey into wine, mead, or cider.


Move over, coffee pod people; here come the pot pods

Just what we needed dept. Really.


Energy boosting drinks that aren`t coffee

You may love the energy kick from coffee, but too much can be a bad thing.

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