Tanqueray Launches New Blackcurrant Royale Flavoured Gin

The rich and vibrant new drink is a unique gin made with French blackcurrants and vanilla notes.


Coca Cola Confirms Its Truck Is Cancelled This Year Due To Covid-19

Coca Cola has confirmed its truck usual nationwide trip for Christmas has been cancelled.


The Sombrero On A Sierra Tequila Bottle Actually Has A Secret Use

OK, we're shook.


Aperol Cake Is The Best Way To Enjoy Your Favourite Cocktail

Aperol-glazed orange and rosemary polenta cake, anyone? *Dribbles.*


You Can Now Order A Three Litre Box Of Pink Gin

PSA: It's on sale now.


Brothers Cider Launch New Summer Flavours ‘tutti Frutti’ And ‘marshmallow’

Best served over crushed ice.


B&m Is Now Selling Trifle Gin For £9.99 A Bottle

The flavoured gin market has blown up this year, with brands offering a host of weird and wonderful flavours of the typically clear spirit.


Lambrini Now Comes In A Delicious Rhubarb Flavour

The alcohol company has launched the new fruity flavour to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

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