Hungry For Travel In The Naramata Valley

A delicious blend of food and wine tours


Great Okanagan Places To Eat, Part 1: Perennial Favourites Still Pop On Top

Food and restaurants writer Mia Stainsby?s first instalment in a three-part series on where to eat in the Okanagan.


Salut: 25 B.c. Wineries To Visit (or Order From) This Summer

Anthony Gismondi offers up 25 B.C. winery experiences that shouldn't be missed


Salut: B.c. Wineries Embrace New Virtual Reality

The pandemic pushed the B.C. wine industry into a new virtual reality ? whether wineries were ready for it, or not.

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Anthony Gismondi: B.c. Wine Of The Week, Wine To Cellar And Calendar Items

Vancouver Sun wine expert Anthony Gismondi's news from wine and food world, recommended B.C. wine of week, and a wine to add to your cellar.


B.c. Wineries Look To Improve Market Share As Restaurant Sales Plummet

Sales of B.C. wines in restaurants are down more than 50% as wineries innovate to convince local customers to buy direct-from-source.

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Anthony Gismondi: It Won’t Be Long Before The First Local Wines Of 2020 Hit The B.c. Market

It won't be long before the first local wines of 2020 hit the British Columbia market led by Pinot Gris.


On The Vine: Perfect Pairings

Learn how to match food and wine by tasting (and tasting again)


Vancouver International Wine Festival Organizers Hope For A Fully Poured Event In 2022

Restrictions due to the global COVID-19 pandemic rendered it impossible to forge ahead with the event, originally slated to open Saturday.


Anthony Gismondi: The Best Wines For Christmas Dinners And New Year’s Eve Toasts

Smaller, intimate family gatherings lead us to focus on wines that can double as late gifts, perfect for Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve.

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