The Best Kitchen Supplies To Give All Your Friends This Year

In 2021, we will still be dining at home?and we should all own a microplane, tiny tongs, a pan that can truly do it all, and a "spoonula."


Crispy Cacio E Pepe Recipe

The Roman tribute to cheese and black pepper is transformed in this golden and crispy pasta.

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How Chefs Are Approaching Thanksgiving This Year

The holidays are going to be different.


Maryland Crab Soup Recipe

The classic Maryland soup, loaded with tons of vegetables, Old Bay, and, most important, crab.

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How American Food Media Oversimplifies Global Cuisines

American food media's focus on national cuisines turns cultures into monoliths as it ignores regional differences in cooking and eating.


This Giant Foods Ad Is A Major Yikes For The Covid Era

"Super Spread," "SendNoods," and other pandemic-related advertising missteps.


Thanksgiving Is Great If You Admit Turkey Is Bad

Nobody likes turkey, so just make the sides.


Steamed Persian Rice With Tahdig Recipe

Meaning ?bottom of the pot,? tahdig is the crispy layer that forms beneath steamed rice in Iranian cooking. The key to fluffy rice? Soak it first to elongate the grains.


Celery Root And Potato Rösti Recipe

Ditch the bagel and make yourself this crispy, onion-laced potato and celery root pancake instead.


A Tiny New Publisher Is Making Food Books To Raise Money For Restaurants

Somekind has raised more than $200,000 for Australian restaurants through crowdfunded cookbooks. Now it's taking its mission to the US.

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