Why Heineken 0.0 Is The Best Choice For Non-alcoholic Beer

It's hard to find a non-alcoholic beer that tastes like the real thing. Fortunately, Heineken created the Heineken 0.0 and non-drinkers can't get enough!


16 Popular Brands You Probably Have In Your Liquor Cabinet

Whether you go for dark or light, cocktail or on the rocks, you probably have a favorite liquor brand. Here are 16 popular liquors to start your night!


What’s The Best Gin For Martinis? Here’s Our List Of Favorites

A martini is a classic cocktail, but to make a really good martini, you need a really good gin. Here's our pick for the best gin for martinis.


Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist Is The Summertime Rum We Need

Sorry tequila, this summer is all about rum. Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist Rum tastes like orange and vanilla. It's the only poolside drink you need.


Ginger Sprite Is Hitting Grocery Store Shelves In February

When you have an upset stomach, do you drink Sprite or ginger ale? Looks like you don't need to pick between the two anymore. Ginger Sprite is here!


The 11 Best Gluten-free Beers On The Market To Drink

Have a gluten intolerance? No need to worry! You can still enjoy a cold beer with friends, but without the concern of wheat.


8 Health Benefits Of Vodka

As if you needed another reason to imbibe, these luxurious health benefits of vodka will make you reconsider skipping a nightcap.


5 Clichés Women Who Drink Whiskey Hear All the Time

Women who enjoy a good whiskey are often met with shock from their male counterparts and I am here to set the record straight because women can and should be allowed to enjoy a fine whiskey just like anyone else.

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