What Is “farmhouse Beer,” Anyway?

The word "farmhouse" can signify different things on a beer can or tap list. Learn what farmhouse beer means, its relation to saison and more here.


A Six-bottle Master Class To Syrah And Shiraz

While it originally hails from France, Syrah made its way to wine regions all over the world. Here's your guide to getting to know this versatile grape.


Despite Heat, Humidity And Skepticism, Wines From The American South Find Their Audience

When it comes to wines of the South, don't judge a book by its cover. Producers combine local grapes and regional know-how to create unique American wines.


11 Of Our Favorite Gins For Every Drinker

Gin is always evolving. Here's a look at some of our favorite bottles for $40 and under that will help introduce you to these unique spirits.


The Pandemic Is One Of Many Forces Upending The 2020 Champagne Harvest

Despite record low sales, Champagne winemakers must proceed in a harvest like none other, grappling with the novel coronavirus, low yields and more.


Five Of The World’s Oldest Bars, From Ireland To Mexico

Gathering to enjoy drinks is not a new practice, as evidenced by these bars that have been serving wine and beer for centuries.


How Anyone Can Become A Brand Ambassador

From hosting lavish parties to jet-setting around the globe, the life of a spirits brand ambassador seems glamorous. Learn more about the job here.


Red Wine Or Prosecco With A Gin Floater: How Tv Shows Use Drinks To Develop Characters

In television shows like Insecure and Dead to Me, drinks play non-speaking roles that are just as pivotal in shaping characters as dialogue and wardrobe.


Got Vodka? Spirits Made From Milk, Olives And More

Vodka can be made with about anything and these producers prove it. Including bottles distilled from fog and sugar beets, here are four?with recipes to try.


Four Ways To Pair Mushrooms With Wine

Mushrooms are a popular ingredient used in many dishes throughout the world. Here's how to pair this fungi with everything from Pinot Noir to Syrah.

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